Pre-stack Noise Attenuation

M-GS® factorial kriging is a powerful technique for Pre-stack Noise Attenuation. It allows removing various types of noise in pre-stack data, even the most complex ones, such as multiples or linear noise with various intensity, orientation and frequency. Depending on the type of noise, the solution can be applied in preferential dimensions of the pre-stack […]

Otway Basin – Regional Velocity Model

Since the #2018AcreageRelease in Australia, a particular attention is turning to the Otway Basin area. Today, we are happy to announce that we are releasing a new Regional Velocity Model for depth conversion over the Offshore Otway basin! Take advantage of our recurrent improvements to get the most optimal velocity model for your projects. #ESTIMAGES […]

Regional velocity models and Uncertainty

Regional velocity models – Exclusivity – ESTIMAGES is the only actor to offer uncertainty volumes consitent with velocity models (regional or licence scale). For any given interpretation on your area of interest, we provide you with the potential depth error associated to the use of a velocity model. For estimating the uncertainty volume ESTIMAGES uses […]