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Expertise, listening, and audacity are ESTIMAGES’ values. We rely on them since more than 10 years to build and offer unique and valuable solutions for seismic noise attenuation and velocity modeling. As of today, more than 50 oil & gas operators around the world trust the quality of our service and our company. We are thrilled to see that just as we do, they are convinced that geostatistics can make a real difference in geophysics!

Our services

Are you dealing with complex noise in your seismic data? Do you need to minimize the depth errors caused by your velocity model? You can rely on our experts in geostatistics and benefit from ESTIMAGES advanced geostatistical solutions.

Our catalogue of regional velocity models

In less than a decade, ESTIMAGES has built the most extensive and accurate regional velocity model library in the world with new releases every year. An unrivaled quality thanks to the use of local 3D geostatistics - M-GS® technology. Browse our interactive catalogue and contat us for more information on your areas of interest.

Velocity modeling