You will find ESTIMAGES’ publications below.

We submit abstracts every year for conferences and workshops relating to seismic processing advances or velocity model building.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for access to PDF versions.

SEISMIC2019 Seismic through the Asset Lifecycle – Sharing advances in Geophysics
Demongin, T et al. 2019. 4D monitoring enhancement with LostCor filtering. (POSTER) – Download the presentation

First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities
Magneron, C. et al. 2018.  3D Regional Velocity Modeling – North Sea.

Bever, I. Van et al. 2018.  PSDM Uncertainty Characterization And Calibration Using A Fast Marching Algorithm.

APPEA 2017 Conference and Exhibition
Ajjabou, Leïla et al. 2017.  Interpretative Filtering. The APPEA Journal 57 (2): 687–91. 

78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016
Magneron, C. 2016.  Looking for the Lost Correlation.

25th International ASEG Conference and Exhibition
Monteignies, Laureline et al. 2016.  North West Shelf 3D Velocity Modeling. ASEG Extended Abstracts 2016 (1): 1–5.

Petroleum Geostatistics 2015
Piazza*, J. L. et al. 2015.  M-Factorial KrigingAn Efficient Aid to Noisy Seismic Data Interpretation.

76th EAGE Conference and Exhibition
Magneron, C. 2014.  3D Regional Velocity Modeling.

74th EAGE Conference and Exhibition
Magneron, C., and J. Felder. 2012.  Wells Property Simulations Driven by the Shape of a Geobody.

PGCE 2010
Magneron, Cedric et al. 2010.  Removing Non-Stationary Artifacts from Seismic Velocity Data Sets by M-Factorial Kriging

70th EAGE Conference and Exhibition
Magneron, C., and F. Petit. 2008.  M-GS – New Spatial Estimation and Simulation Models for More Precision and More Realism.