About us

ESTIMAGES is a global service company specialized in geostatistical services for geophysics. The headquarters are in Paris and we have affiliates in Perth and Oslo. Our team is growing from year to year, below you can see the smiling faces of the people that would love to help you in your projects!

Our history

Here is a quick overview of the history of ESTIMAGES and its main milestones, it's been quite an adventure!

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

    Our North Sea Regional Velocity Model is used for CCS purposes!

  • 1st offer in the pre-stack domain

    Since we like to challenge ourselves all the time, we've now decided to get our hands in the pre-stack domain! Hello computation time...

  • 10 years of ESTIMAGES!

    ESTIMAGES is now focusing only on the oil&gas sector

  • 1st exhibition at the EAGE Convention

    It's in the beautiful city of Vienna that the EAGE is hosted that year and ESTIMAGES has its first booth while the industry is going through hard times.

  • Establishement of ESTIMAGES NORGE (Oslo)

    After the success of the Australian subsidiary, Ivan is flying to Oslo to develop the projects and the business on the NCS.

  • Moving to Paris!

    From the suburbs, ESTIMAGES is moving to Paris "intra-muros"!

  • 1st ESTIMAGES’ subsidiary in Australia (Perth)

  • 1st ESTIMAGES’ Regional Velocity Model on Browse basin (Australia)

  • Integration of a part of the M-GS algorithm in the ISATIS software (Géovariances)

  • 1st Master Service Agreement with TOTAL SA

  • M-GS® Patent WO2009071851 (A1) – The key element for ESTIMAGES’ services

    M-GS® deals with the local optimization of geostatistical models parameters. By acting locally, M-GS allows to take into account the structural non-stationarity of data sets, thus leading to more precise and more realistic modeling results.

  • Establishment of ESTIMAGES

    Creation of the company by Cédric and Frédéric with an ambition to be a multi-sector company (oil&gas, environment and agriculture).