Legacy data set geostatistical filtering results

Our challenge on a legacy data set:

Legacy data are important to include but can be tricky…Was it the worst data set we had to denoise? Possibly!

Applying Estimages Geostatistical filtering (SPDE) on a legacy 2D Line from 1966 was certainly a challenge. However, it gave impressive results that we’re happy to present today!

A “criss-crossed” noise was heavily impacting the signal. @Eliis team helped by providing us with several horizons on this line. Noise covered the signal densily therefore picking amplitudes was a harduous task for them… But these interpretations really made a significant difference in the preservation of the signal in high structural dips. The horizons served as structural guide during the geostatistical factorial kriging process.

Cleaning this line revealed multiple faulting areas which were not seen on raw data. Consequently, we received a very positive feedback from our client.

We’re ready for the next challenge!

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