NWS High resolution RVM

High Resolution Regional Velocity Models

Breakthrough: high resolution regional velocity models available in Australia

A high resolution Regional Velocity Model is being built on North West Shelf Basin!

We recently improved in-house velocity model building algorithms and that is a major modification. We can now handle a higher amount of data during the merge and calibration steps. @Natalia is currently computing Version 2 of the Northwest Shelf Basin Regional Velocity model and we are excited to share preliminary results with you today. Check out one of the model’s time-slice of instanteneous velocities with a resolution of 500 meters by 500 meters.

Higher resolution for regional velocity models means access to more detailed geological content. In this giant basin, it could be possible to use the @Estimages regional velocity model at a sub-regional scale as well.

If you wish to order your model today, get in touch at contact-australia@estimages.com
We’d be happy to work with you and include proprietary data sets to this new high resolution model.

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