Partnership TGS and ESTIMAGES

Take advantage of our partnership with TGS which has just been renewed. You will obtain thorough velocity models and associated uncertainty volume built with the TGS’s high-quality data and Estimages’ technology.

Advanced geostatistical filtering on LN10M04

A new illustration of our advanced geostatistical filtering technique! The lucky one to benefit from our special treatment this time is LN10M04, a dataset from the Norwegian North Sea. To provide a bit more insights about our methodology: local dips and azimuths were computed and used as a structural guide for the geostatistical filters allowing […]

SEG 2018: Estimages is in!

Come and visit us at the next SEG (booth 2225) Oct. 14-19 in Southern California. We will feature our new geostatistical solutions for pre-stack noise attenuation and seismic homogeneization.

South West Britain Regional Velocity Model

Focus on the UK this time with our new Regional Velocity Model over South West Britain. We are completing our library of UKCS Regional Velocity Models based on public data from OGA with this latest release. This velocity model is available immediately and ready for regional exploration purposes. Get in touch for more info!

New Generation Regional Velocity Models on the NCS

Our NCS regional velocity models have been updated! The V4 versions are now available based on the latest released public datasets from the DISKOS database. They also benefit from new methodological developments. One of the main innovations is an even better preservation of the resolution of the seismic velocities (down to 2-3 km). Gentle reminder, […]

Hammerfest Basin Velocity Model (Barents Sea)

The Hammerfest Basin velocity model covers also partly the Finnmark platform. The limit is defined by the Troms-Finnmark fault complex, which presents a major displacement. In this context, seismic velocity merging is very challenging. Estimages’ state-of-the-art technology allows to build a stratigraphic grid based on regional interpretations and use this grid to perform a velocity […]

South Viking Graben – Velocity Model

After a successful collaboration on two projects in the Barents Sea basin, Estimages and ExploCrowd join forces again for the APA2018 applications in the North Sea. The focus area for this project is the South of the Viking Graben, between the Johan Sverdrup and Sleipner fields. This area is known to have good reservoir potential […]

Estimages Australia welcomes its new Area Manager

ESTIMAGES is pleased to announce and welcome Laura Vigée who will join Laura Bosco in Perth to complete the Estimages Australia team. As the Area Manager, Laura will take on the growth of the business by promoting our solutions, visiting and prospecting clients and increasing our presence in Asia-Pacific. With an experience in Geophysics and […]

Pre-stack Noise Attenuation

M-GS® factorial kriging is a powerful technique for Pre-stack Noise Attenuation. It allows removing various types of noise in pre-stack data, even the most complex ones, such as multiples or linear noise with various intensity, orientation and frequency. Depending on the type of noise, the solution can be applied in preferential dimensions of the pre-stack […]