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EAGE Velocity Uncertainty Workshop in Perth

Published on:
November 7, 2016
ESTIMAGES Australian team has been attending the EAGE Velocity Uncertainty workshop in Perth on the 7th of November and presenting its North West Shelf case study.

The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) promotes the development and application of geosciences. With more than 19,000 members worldwide the organisation provides a global network and range of events for commercial and academic professionals.

Seimic Velocities: a key challenge for the Industry

Earlier this year, the EAGE organised in Kuala Lumpur a 3 days workshop on Velocities: Reducing Uncertainties in Depth, that focused on all aspects of reducing uncertainties; including applications in seismic imaging, velocity model building, pore pressure prediction, depth conversion and drilling.

This one day workshop held in Perth the 7th of November was a broad cross-section of topics selected from the Kuala Lumpur workshop with the same aim to discuss what remains a key challenge for depth prediction.

The day has been the occasion to assist to ten very interesting talks with a broad range of velocity uncertainty related subjects as per PSDM, FWI, well depth errors or velocity modeling.

ESTIMAGES contribution

Cedric Magneron, CEO of ESTIMAGES, presented the NWS case study demonstrating how we can use geostatistics in velocity modeling to reduce depth uncertainty. The North West Shelf 3D ultra-regional velocity model is ESTIMAGES biggest achievement so far : the model covers up to 850 000km², including highly prospective areas in Carnarvon, Roebuck, Browse and Bonaparte basins. Built with our advanced geostatistical tools, using more than 100 3D velocity cubes, 130 2D surveys and almost 900 well !