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3D Destriping for OdT Pro is out!

Published on:
September 7, 2017
ESTIMAGES and dGB Earth Sciences are happy to announce the release of a new version of the M-GS Destriping plugin: the 3D Destriping version.

·        The collaboration

 The plugin is now released and first demos are planned to be shown at the SEG in Houston. After the great interest raised by the 2D Destriping tool in the industry, Estimages and dGB have decided to pursue effort and provide geophysical professionals with a robust 3D anti-footprint tool. 


·        A New 3D tool for Post-stack data conditioning

MGS-Destriping 3D follows the development of MGS Destriping 2D.

Implemented in the form of a in a plugin for OpenDTect Pro. Still observing the requirement of the first version :

-        powerful and efficient Geostatitical Filtering algorithm

-        Short calculation time

-        A simple user experience

-        Affordable cost

This plugin can be chained as part of a data conditioning workflow, in order to enhance your 3D seismic data, to give a sharper, clearer image of the geology.  It brings higher confidence horizon interpretation, easier fault interpretation, more reliable attribute analysis and clearer visibility of subtle features.

The idea is to make sure that the maximum value is extracted from existing seismic datasets at a fraction of the cost of conventional reprocessing.

·        The case study : Revitalise GoM Vintage Seismic Data thanks to Geostatistical Filtering

In this case study the post stack noise attenuation process applied to the data was carefully performed to preserve the signal associated with geological features within the Mississipi Canyon in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out the results here !


·        OdT Pro

OpendTect Pro is a new commercial layer on top of OpendTect especially for professional users. This unique seismic interpretation platform is more user-friendly and less expensive than all competitive systems, currently available on the market. With low oil prices and oil companies looking to save costs OpendTect Pro is the perfect answer. OpendTect Pro users benefit from a lot of extra functionality and the possibility to extend the platform by renting or purchasing additional commercial plugins, such as the M-GS Destriping plugin.